Calendar of Events | 2013


KREM’s New Year’s Cycling Classic

On New Year’s Day, cycling takes over the Northern Highway as local and international riders race between Corozal to Belize City.


San Pedro Carnival

A spectacular color-filled event with a three-day carnival to celebrate the start of the Lenten Season.

Valentine’s Day Cycling Classic

Male, female, junior and master cyclists participate in races on the Western Highway between Benque Viejo del Carmen and Belize City.


La Ruta Maya River Challenge

Professional and amateur paddlers from across Belize and the world participate in this grueling four day race that retraces the Maya trading route between San Ignacio and Belize City.

National Heroes & Benefactors’ Day

This national holiday is set aside to honor those men and women who have helped to build Belize. A traveling exhibition about Belizean heroes and benefactors tours the country throughout March.

San Jose Succotz Fiesta

This annual fair is held in honor of the patron saint of the village of San Jose Succotz, Saint Joseph. Highlights include traditional food, music and dance.


Several municipalities organize enactments during this Christian holiday, depicting Christ’s suffering with large wooden crosses and crowns of thorns. Religious activities also include prayers, fasting and processions.

Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic

The biggest cycling event of the year features local and international riders racing from Belize City to San Ignacio and back.


San Pedro Lagoon-Reef Eco Challenge

Kayakers participate in this annual race to promote awareness, protection and conservation of mangroves, lagoons, reefs as well as the diverse species found in these natural habitats.


Chocolate Festival of Belize: Toledo

Formerly known as the Toledo Cacao Festival, this three-day event features food, culture, exhibits, entertainment, and information about the various ways the Maya utilized the cacao bean, and it pays tribute to the organic cacao farmers.

Cashew Festival

Crooked Tree village hosts this annual event to highlight the varied uses of the cashew in food and beverages. Visitors can also enjoy freshly caught tilapia from the lagoon.

Mother’s Day Cycling Classic

Female cyclists take center stage in this race from San Ignacio to Belize City.

National Agriculture & Trade Show

Thousands of people gather in Belmopan for this three-day event which showcases the significant contribution of agriculture to the Belizean economy and highlights local businesses. Entertainment, games, and cultural displays round out the fun.


The Lamanai Challenge

This triathlon has participants running from La Milpa to Chan Chich, cycling from Chan Chic to Gallon Jug and then canoeing from Gallon Jug to the finish line at the Lamanai archaeological site on the shores of the New River Lagoon.


At the start of the Lobster season in June, the coastal communities of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Placencia celebrate the first catch with festive family activities and cook the lobster in every way imaginable.

Archaeology Symposium

Organized by the Institute of Archaeology, this forum gives professional archaeological researchers working in Belize the opportunity to share archaeological findings. Attendance to lectures and presentations are open to the public.


Hopkins Mango Festival: Stann Creek

Villagers set up stalls on the beach where visitors can enjoy mangoes as the main ingredient in appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Benque Fiesta

During this multi-day religious festival, residents of the border town celebrate the patron saint,Lady of Mount Carmel, with a fair, marimba bands, games, and prayer.

Belize International Film Festival

International film producers and directors join local counterparts to share their work and explore partnership possibilities.


International Costa Maya Festival

This week-long festival is held in San Pedro Ambergris Caye and features cultural nights headlined by local and regional performers, as well as an international beauty pageant.

Deer Dance Festival: Toledo

This traditional Maya cultural event features costumed dancers as a jaguar, a hunter and, of course, deer. The dance continues today as part of cultural preservation efforts.


National September Celebrations

Patriotic pride is high during this month. September 10th is celebrated as a National Day. September 21st is Independence Day. Activities during this festive month include carnival marches through principal streets of major municipalities. All events are accompanied by music concerts, cultural activities and food.

Carnival Road March

While several carnivals take place throughout the country, the one in Belize City is the largest, with huge groups dancing and performing in the city streets.

Barry Bowen’s Belikin Bash

This week-long event includes nightly entertainment, games, food and, of course, plenty of ice-cold Belikin beers.


Sugar City Rum Festival

This annual festival in Orange Walk celebrates the local rum industry by bringing together the distilleries for a fun-filled family event featuring games, cultural presentations, musical performances, competitions, and lots of food.


Garifuna Settlement Day

This public and bank holiday commemorates the 1832 arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize. National activities include re-enactments of the arrival, prayer, cultural dances and food;it is celebrated on November 19th each year, primarily in the southern districts.


Throughout Belize, the festive season of Christmas is celebrated. Many businesses and homes are decorated with trees, lights, nativity scenes, and other traditional decorations. Family and friends celebrate the season with parties, gatherings, and masses.

Horse Racing

Traditional Boxing Day horse race in Burrell Boom starts at the entrance of the track and the horses run 1 mile around. The horses run in classes, resting for an hour, then they race again.