Belize City

,The primary entrance hub of first-time visitors, Belize City might seem but a mere stopover on the way to the northern cayes and other parts of the country. But beyond its commercial bustle, those who venture here will find riverfront and wildlife-rich surroundings, and a deep insight into Belize’s colonial history and Kriol culture 

A guided walk around the city center will throw you into its Caribbean rhythms, from roadside market stands to waterfront views across the iconic Swing Bridge, as boats sway in Haulover Creek. At the House of Culture, examine relics from the British colonial days, before moving on to the Museum of Belize for an impressive collection on Mayan history, along with rotating cultural exhibits. Feel the city’s night pulse by stopping at food truck parks, international restaurants, and waterfront bars 

Once away from the city’s bustle, the Belize District shows off its natural splendor: cozy jungle and fishing lodges tucked in Burrell Boom, boat safaris along the mangroves of the Belize River, and the Belize Zoo, home to endemic speciesIn the forests of the Community Baboon Sanctuary, troops of howler monkeys will greet you from afar with their guttural roars 

Road tripping deeper leads to a world of Kriol villages with cashew and blackberry wines, and a towering Altun Ha Archeological Site. And if you’re up for one of the most enchanting experiences in the districtwith romantic, lagoon-facing cabins, horseback rides, and sunrise birding expeditions—head to Crooked Tree Village, home of the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuarya prime birding hotspot in Central America sitting 33 miles northwest of Belize City.  


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