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Show your love the right way as you explore Belize’s colorful land and sea. 

By Tamara Sniffin 


Tread Lightly

While exploring our jungles, savannahs, and offshore cayes,  remember to “take nothing but photos and memories.” Stay on designated paths, leave no litter, and don’t alter the landscape.   


Respect the Wildlife

Enjoy creatures from a distance—do not disturb, feed, or keep Belizean wildlife, as it’s illegal and dangerous. Avoid purchasing items or jewelry made from exotic animal products.  


Help Preserve Belizean History

At archeological sites, do not enter roped-off areas or violate signs prohibiting access. If you encounter pottery shards and artifactsplease notify your guide and note that Belizean law prohibits you from taking any finds home.  


Mind the Coral 

Remain mindful of your surroundings when snorkeling and diving to avoid accidentally stepping on or kicking the coral, and always wear coral-safe sunscreen. 


Fish and Consume Responsibly

Sportfishing is regulatedanglers must carry a fishing license issued by the Coastal Zone Management Authority and InstituteBelize is also one of few Caribbean countries with a Catch and Release law for tarpon, permit, and bonefish to ensure healthy populations. Do not consume lobster and conch out of season. 

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