Destination Belize Articles

The articles featured here can be found in the 20th edition of the Destination Belize magazine.  Immerse into the categories to learn more about Belize.

The Maya
By Froyla Tzalam    The Yucatek, the Mopan, and the Q’eqchi’ are the three Maya languages and groups you’ll find in Belize. Their largest communities are located in the Cayo, Toledo, and Orange Walk Districts. The Mopan...
Spotlight: Di Kriol
By Silvaana Udz    Capturing di essence of di Kriol culture means focusing on di special role di Kriol language plays in Belizean society. Throughout this article, I use the Kriol word “di” in place of its English equivalent, “the.” This acknowledges a lack of “th” in Kriol...

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