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The articles featured here can be found in the 20th edition of the Destination Belize magazine.  Immerse into the categories to learn more about Belize.

By Lebawit Lily Girma  Strategically placed between Mexico, the northern Cayes, and Orange Walk, this northernmost corner of Belize offers a lesser-crowded, off-the-beaten track escape that first-time visitors might otherwise...
The Mestizo
By Giovanni Pinelo, Sr.    When Spanish soldier Gonzalo Guerrero married Princess Zazil Ha, daughter of Maya Lord Na Chan Kan of Chactemal—present-day Santa Rita archaeological site in Corozal, northern Belize—their three children gave...
The Maya
By Froyla Tzalam    The Yucatek, the Mopan, and the Q’eqchi’ are the three Maya languages and groups you’ll find in Belize. Their largest communities are located in the Cayo, Toledo, and Orange Walk Districts. The Mopan...

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